RECIPE: Velvety chocolate mud cake, and a delicious caramel sauce

This is a delicious cake that’s always super popular (especially with chocolate lovers!). Because it uses oil, not butter, it’s also super easy to make dairy-free: just swap out the buttermilk for almond milk with a splash of lemon juice (and grease your pans with dairy-free margarine, or oil). I’ve done this before, and it tastes just the same.

I recently used this recipe for a friend’s 21st birthday party. I filled it with caramel sauce, buttercream made with melted dark chocolate, and drizzled with a dark chocolate ganache drip… Drooling yet?

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Japan, a foodie heaven

Japanese food has long been one of my favourites – and that was before I even knew just how exceptional it could be. Visiting Japan, I was amazed by the quality, flavour, diversity, and abundance (no adjectives really do it justice) of incredible dishes everywhere in the country – regardless of whether it’s a quick, cheap purchase from the side of the road, or at a classy restaurant!

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Konnichiwa! A trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, & Osaka

Following months and months of extreme over-excitement (it was really starting to get a bit out of hand), I finally hopped on a plane and made it all the way to Japan!

Our first stop was Tokyo, labelled by many as the most liveable city in the world. I don’t think I could agree with that statement any more than I do: it’s a place filled to the brim with limitless fun, craziness, things to do, things to see, things to eat

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White chocolate ganache drip: how-to


I recently made this white chocolate and raspberry ganache drip for a lovely girl’s 21st birthday party. Ganache drips can be scary if you’ve never tried them before! – but they’re actually one of my favourite decorations to do, because they are so easy (and also ridiculously yum). As long as your cake has been chilled for long enough, you shouldn’t struggle with this (having a chilled cake is the most important part!). I thought I’d put all my experiences with ganache drips in one wee post, so you can replicate it yourself!

You can also use this tasty ganache recipe for donut toppings, cake fillings, a replacement for buttercream on muffins, on cookies, or even as a topping on sundaes (yum!)

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